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Parking Lot Striping in Phoenix, AZ

The premier parking lot striping and restriping service in Arizona

Having brightly painted markings in your parking lot is the key to customer and employee safety and optimal traffic flow. Our team has the experience and equipment necessary for commercial line striping and pavement marking. Plus, when you enlist experts like us, you’ll have the best-looking parking lot on the block! Work with the premier parking lot striping company in Arizona– Copper State Pavement.

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Before beginning asphalt striping services, it is imperative that you first examine your parking lot for cracks, potholes, and any other surface damage. Painting damaged pavement won’t look professional and would be a waste of money and resources. Ensuring your parking lot is in excellent, clean condition before striping will bear the best results.
Copper State Pavement’s top parking lot striping contractors can help you beautify your asphalt or concrete lot with pristine striping services. The safety of your customers and employees is our top priority! Our contractors make sure to stay compliant with ADA guidelines by striping paint for the appropriate amount of accessible stalls versus regular parking spots.
Our services also include mapping out your parking lot for optimal safety and navigational flow for traffic. Whether you need directional arrows, ADA handicap stalls, stop marking, or even a designated fire lane, we have got you covered!
There are a handful of different paints used for line striping parking lots. Still, we recommend using water-based, chlorinated rubber, and acetone acrylic paints, depending on the size and conditions of your parking lot. The optimal conditions for line striping are a sunny day above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. These conditions allow the paint to be uninterrupted by the elements and allow for drying time.

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Faded asphalt and line markings can leave a negative impression on customers arriving on your property. Additionally, when painted lines are challenging to see, parking safely becomes difficult. When done right, parking lot painting not only provides safety and traffic flow, it gives your parking lot a clean, appealing look. At Copper State Pavement, we understand facility maintenance and know that an aesthetically pleasing and inviting first touch point can make all the difference.

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Parking Lot Striping &
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Your parking lot is the first thing customers see when arriving on your property. Don’t let that impression go to waste! Ensure your parking lot is beautiful and safe for all drivers by contacting a parking lot marking and asphalt striping contractor near you!