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How is your asphalt holding up?

If you’re noticing signs of wear-and-tear, it’s time to call in the leading pavement contractors near you. Copper State Pavement provides total asphalt maintenance care and is ready to transform your lot into a safe, well-paved space for customers and visitors alike!

Asphalt Services For Your Commercial, Municipal & Industrial Needs

Keep your pavement in pristine condition and protected from harsh weather conditions, water build-up, and damage from everyday traffic. Our contractors specialize in asphalt and blacktop installation for major roadways, driveways, parking lots, paved pathways, and more!

Whether your commercial, municipal, or industrial property needs some spot-patching or a total makeover, you can trust us to rid your space of problem areas and roll out a long-lasting and weather-resistant pavement surface.

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The easiest and most cost-effective way to expand the lifespan of your parking lot or driveway is to install an asphalt surface. This composite material offers serious durability and structural integrity. Through proper maintenance and preventative care, your asphalt pavement could last for up to 12 years!

Asphalt Surfacing: Why Maintenance is Important

Quality pavement material is built to last, but it’s common for cracks, holes, raveling, and other signs of distress to appear years after an installation. However, you’ll still want to treat these areas early on as they tend to spread and grow into larger and costlier issues. Irregular care will run down the cost of your property very quickly. Make your pavement installation last longer by tending to those isolated problem areas with a repair from Arizona’s best asphalt surfacing contractors.

Which Asphalt Service
Does Your Surface Need?

Surface specifications are unique to the business or home itself, so whenever we take on a new project, we work diligently to understand the needs of our customers and consider internal and external factors to ensure we’re making their pavement dollars last longer. Below is a list of services we may consider for your space:




Crack sealing

Pavement Markings



Ready to fix your parking lot or driveway?

Rely on the best asphalt company in your area for fast turnaround, high-quality material, and exceptional service. Request a quote from Copper State Pavement for your next paving project!

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Fix your pavement surface with an asphalt repair from Arizona’s best contractors! Copper State Pavement provides installation, resurfacing, grading, milling, and so many other services for asphalt damage in Phoenix. See which pavement service your parking lot or driveway needs!