Concrete Paving Services in Phoenix, AZ

Municipal, industrial & commercial concrete services

Whether you’re in need of municipal, industrial, or commercial concrete services in Phoenix, AZ, Copper State Pavement is here to help. As the premier concrete contractor in the state of Arizona, our team has years of experience laying new concrete, repairing cracked concrete, and resurfacing sidewalks, driveways, and warehouses.

No matter what type of concrete project you need our help on, you can expect high-quality service, precision, and a dedicated project manager to walk you step-by-step from planning to completion.

Some of the most common concrete structures we build and repair include

Parking lots and garages

Sidewalks and walkways


Bollards / Signs

Machine and dumpster pads

Retaining walls

Warehouse floors

Concrete Repair and Resurfacing

If you’re a business owner, you know that cracked, uneven concrete in your parking lot or on your sidewalks can be an eyesore, as well as a major safety hazard for your valued employees and customers. Don’t let your damaged pavement go another day without being addressed! By working with a trusted concrete construction company like Copper State, you can say “goodbye” to old, damaged pavement, and “hello” to beautiful, new concrete that will reflect the professionalism and cleanliness of your business. From concrete leveling and patching to resurfacing and more, we do it all!

In addition to commercial concrete services, we also provide top-of-the-line residential concrete work for apartment complexes and homeowners associations in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas. If damaged sidewalks, driveways, or parking lots are detracting from the curb apparel of your residential property, enlist the help of Copper State Pavement!
commercial concrete project in arizona

New Concrete
Paving Projects

For businesses and developers in need of a dependable contractor to install new concrete driveways, parking lots, or walkways, Copper State is the ideal partner! Our experienced pavers can handle nearly any residential, commercial, or industrial concrete project thrown our way. Thanks to seasoned staff, meticulousness, and superior materials and equipment, our work withstands the test of time and environmental wear and tear.

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Top-Rated Concrete
Services in Phoenix, AZ Copper State Pavement

If you’re looking for a dependable concrete paving company to complete a residential or commercial pavement project near you, contact Copper State Pavement! As the premier concrete driveway pavers in Arizona, you can depend on us for exceptional service and attention to detail.